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Board Members

Mr. XU Xiaodong
Independent Non-Executive Director
Mr. XU Xiaodong is an independent non-executive Director of the Company. Mr. Xu joined us in May 2014 as an independent non-executive Director. Mr. Xu has been the chairman of China Gas Association Distributed Energy Professional Committee since July 2012 and the contract research fellow of the Counsellors’ Office of the State Council of the PRC since March 2009. He was also the president of Vantone Foundation (primarily engaging in promoting the domestic construction of ecological community, environmental protection and energy-saving and emission reduction) from May 2009 to April 2013. He joined the National People’s Congress Environment Protection and ResourcesConservation Committee in April 1969 where he was subsequently promoted to a chief and retired in October 2010. He was the secretary to the vice chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee from August 1983 to April 1989.
Mr. Xu completed three years’ education in machinery from Beijing Open University in the PRC in August 1983 and was a visiting scholar of the University of Regina from September 1998 to September 1999. Mr. Xu did not hold directorships in any listed companies in the past three years.

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