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Breakthroughs in Overseas Market Development Tianhe Chemicals Supplies To Two Large American Specialty Chemicals Providers with Specialty Fluorochemical Products


      (Tianhe Chemicals, 20 January 2015) After Tianhe entered into a long-term sales agreement with Italy’s Guarniflon-Maflon in late 2014, the Group has made breakthroughs in developing overseas market for its specialty fluorochemical products.

      Recently, two large American specialty chemicals providers became Tianhe’s direct sales customers and Tianhe started supplying the two customers with the Company’s specialty fluorochemical products. Also, the Group is in discussion with these two customers for long-term strategic cooperation. Further information regarding such cooperation will be announced when the cooperation agreements are concluded. The Company believes the breakthroughs of supplying these two American customers and the potential strategic cooperation with them would accelerate the expansion of the Company’s global presence and further promote brand recognition.

      Since the implementation of its overseas market strategies, the Group has not only enjoyed remarkable achievements in its lubricant additives segment, but also made consecutive breakthroughs in specialty fluorochemical business, such as direct sales to overseas customers including Italy’s Guarniflon-Maflon and the two American customers. In the future, the Group will continue its efforts to enhance overseas market share through increasing direct sales in both specialty fluorochemicals and lubricant additives segments.

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