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Italy’s Guarniflon-Maflon Becomes a Long-term Direct Sales Customer of Tianhe


      On 9 December 2014, Tianhe Chemicals entered into a Long-term Sales and Purchase Master Agreement (“Master Agreement”) with Guarniflon S.p.A.-Maflon Division (“Guarniflon-Maflon”).

      By entering into the Master Agreement, both parties agreed to establish a long-term strategic cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit. For a term of five years, Guarniflon-Maflon will purchase telomers and specialty fluorochemical intermediates and other products of no less than a specified amount from Tianhe annually.

      Guarniflon S.p.A. is a global supplier of fluorobased products headquartered in Italy, with about 2,100 regular customers in 57 countries worldwide. Guarniflon-Maflon is a business division of Guarniflon S.p.A. which focuses on the research and production of specialty fluorochemical products. Guarniflon-Maflon offers fluorinated coating solutions which are widely applied on stone, tile, wood, leather and textile for the protection against water, oil and stain. Guarniflon-Maflon also produces a wide range of fluorosurfactant products which provide excellent wetting, spreading and leveling properties in coatings, cleaners, polishes, inks, adhesives, etc.

      The Master Agreement between Guarniflon-Maflon and Tianhe reflects the recognition and trust of Tianhe’s products by a global fluorochemical producer, which forms a solid foundation for Tianhe to further enhance its cooperation with Guarniflon-Maflon. As the same time, the cooperation represents a major milestone for Tianhe in further strengthening its overseas sales and increasing international market share.


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